Aged Sherry Vinegar – 50 Year Reserve By Ponsl


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Pons is a superior quality vinegar that comes from the home of the best sherry, in Jerez, Spain. It is stamped with the ?Denominacion de Origen? of Vinagre de Jerez. Jerez is one of the oldest wine producing areas and grows the Palomino grapes, which provide the juice which is fermented, soured and aged using the traditional method of ?soleras & criaderas?, a blending process which gives the vinegar its style and consistency. The traditional method takes its name from the barrels closest to the floor from which the final blend is taken.
Pons Sherry Vinegar Reserve is aged for 50 years in barrels made from American oak and its acidity is 8%.
Each bottle of Pons Sherry Vinegar contains 8.5 fl.oz. or 250ml.

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